Thursday, January 27, 2022

New Video: Creating An Art Bible For A Fictional Universe

As an Art Director, you have many important jobs, and one of the more important ones in my opinion is creating the Art Bible for a project. So what is an Art Bible? It's a document that, if done right, can be read by anyone on a particular project, and then they will be able to produce a piece of artwork that fits into the project's aesthetic. It is a recipe, it is a formula, it is a guide, it is a rule set which shows the style of the project through text and images. 

So this lesson will show you an example of an Art Bible, specifically the Art Bible I recently completed for the Narrative Artbook "The Story Of Inc" that myself and a team of artists and writers released almost 5 years ago. 

For those of you who want to work on films or videogames in an art department, this may give you a glimpse into how helpful this sort of document can be. Or for those of you who are just scifi fans, you can enjoy this trip into the thoughts and art that make up the Pocket Universe of Inc.

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