Saturday, January 8, 2022

Megastructures Jan 2022 Update

Welcome to 2022, the year the Megastructure Book comes out! And we are so excited to finally share with you the end result of this massive project!

So I have a major update on the current progress of the book. First the not so great news, as many of you have certainly experienced in your life this past year, the world is being plagued with supply chain issues. From companies not being able to get the employees they need to make stuff, to companies not getting the raw materials they need to manufacture things (paper is especially in a short supply), to stuff shipping and then sitting in containers at major ports for far longer than they should. And sadly the Megastructure book has not been immune to these issues. But the good news is the delay caused by all of these problems looks like they may not be all that bad (maybe I've jinxed myself by saying that).

Here's the current schedule I just received from the printer...

Current: Books are in line at factory in China to get printed
Feb 23rd: Books printed
Mar 3rd: Books picked up at factory in China
Mar 11th: Books leave Chinese port on cargo ship
Apr 7th: Books arrive in USA port
Apr 14th: Books arrive at USA warehouse and start shipping to the customers

Of course all of these dates are subject to change, and I'll keep you informed on any changes that do happen, but we thank you for your patience during this crazy time!

Expect at a minimum a monthly update on where the project is in the schedule, and again, thanks for the support and your understanding on global factors that are beyond our control. Any questions, always feel free to ask!

Will speak again soon, in the meantime, hope your 2022 is awesome!

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