Monday, January 18, 2021

Megastructures Update #5 Jan 2021


Welcome to the 5th official Megastructure Book Project Update, a visual encyclopedia of scifi megastructures!

I just received the final 2 images for the Megastructrure project from one of our guest artists. So that's it. All images for the book have been finished! That's a total of 46 paintings, 43 diagrams, and 7 bonus images! A big thanks to the guest artists for adding their own unique vision to the other artwork in the book. It's possible an image or two may be added or lost in the final layout process, but I'm declaring this 100% image complete, we have all we need to make this book happen!

So the next step is completing the rough layout, which is likely to be finished in the next few weeks, and the completion of the book proposal which is being sent to a number of major publishers.

Will post another update when the book is laid out, and then keep you updated on how the publisher search is going. If no suitable publisher is found, we'll kickstart the printing just like we did with the last book, it worked last time, so it'll work again. But I'm hopeful we'll find a good publisher who believes in the project and will allow us to reach a wider audience. Will let you know how it goes. And thanks again for continuing to follow along!

Monday, January 4, 2021

Futuristic Car 5

A redo of my Futuristic Car 1. Adjusted a number of things I wasn't happy with on the first one, and changed the design language from being a "Far Future" car to a more "Near Future" Car. 3d block-out model, then the rest is painted in photoshop.