Saturday, December 28, 2019

Happy 2019!

Just a quick note on the closing of 2019. It's been a busy year for me for sure, here's a few highlights: We moved to Seattle. I did my first full year on a new video game project at Monolith Productions (can't wait to show you some of the work, but it's gonna be awhile). I restarted the Megastructures book project and did about 20 pieces of new art. My third inktober. I sold copies of Inc the book at 2 comicons. And with the new house, I finally had enough room to buy a flat file for all of my larger pieces of artwork (I know this may sound minor, but to me, I've wanted a real flat file for the last 20 years #ArtistGoals).

Next year should actually be a little more chill, it'll be busy, but with the move over, I can focus more on the art without as much chaos going on around me. It'll be year 2 at Monolith. I am on track (with some help from friends) to complete all the artwork for the Megastructures book. My friends at V1 Interactive will ship their game "Disintegration" and I'll post some of my concept art work for the project I did in 2018. And I have at least 1 more comicon I'll be exhibiting at (hopefully 2).

A huge thank you to all the people who've been following my work, whether you've been around for the last 20 years, or just joined in. I hope you had an excellent 2019, and an even better 2020 in life and artistic endeavors. Will post a full Megastrucrtures update early next year to talk about our progress!