Thursday, April 25, 2019

SoulburnScripts Updated April 25th 2019

The scripts have been now fully tested in Max 2020!

New Maxscripts:

vrayMatteManager: Allows you to turn on or turn off the shadow catching Matte properites of selected objects for vray.

Updated 7 older Maxscripts:

groupWithPoint: Added ability to place the point at the origin.
iDSetter: Fixed a crash bug when using SaveDef
materialInfoDisplayer: Added "Top Level Materials On Selected Objects" function. So if you choose "Materials On Selected Objects" and you have a multi Subobject material you will get that material and all submaterials. If you use "Top Level Materials On Selected Objects", you will only get the material assigned to the object itself, no submaterials.
modelPreparer: Updated GroupWithPoint function to fix crash bug.
objectDropper: Added a pick button. So now you can select the object to drop to, hit add, and thens elect the objects you want to drop. Or you can do it backwards, select the objects you want to drop, then use Pick to choose the object you want to drop to.
objectPainter: Defaults now to no Prefix on newly created objects. Now you can have the new objects created on the active layer, or have them keep their original layer. If you choose Actve layer, the script now gives you an error if you try and create objects on a hidden layer. If you REALLY want to paint objects on a hidden layer, unhide the layer, hit the "Paint" button in the UI, then rehide the layer to circumvent the system.
vertPlacer: Added ability to place verts at Min or Max, not just Average.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

A Few Line Sketches

Gotta keep my doodling muscles strong...

A Few Photos From Emerald City Comicon

Had a blast! Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of Inc!