Friday, January 7, 2022

Never Before Seen "The Story Of Inc" Artwork

Happy 2022 everyone! Here's a bunch of never before seen "The Story Of Inc" artwork. Only 100 of 1000 books left, so hoping to get them all sold this year!

Here's the planet where our story takes place. 

A lighting test for Inc book, the same image of the citadel in the desert in 6 different lighting scenarios. Wanted to get a better understanding of how time of day could affects the light and atmosphere on the planet 

A rough thumbnail exploring possible keyframes for the fight between Landis and the first guardian

You can tell a lot about a society from their furniture, the people of the Oasis have to build everything from the scraps of their crash landed generation ship and local animal skins.  

Most weapons didn’t survive the generation ship crash, and so they were fashioned and adapted from the construction equipment that did survive. 

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