Saturday, July 11, 2020

Disintegration Art Drop #4

More work from V1 Interactive's "Disintegration".

1) and 2) A bunch of thumbnails of pre-war military vehicles. Each row was a different vehicle type, a tank, a truck and an ATV, and each column was a different style.

3) Another outlaw base painting. Was given a greybox render from V1, and I painted / photobashed / modeled overtop all the details

4) Style guide for the outlaw base in Iceland. Military + near futurism. Showing off the silhouettes, details and other things that made the building language unique

5) Tasked with creating and adjusting a number of Outlaw gunships. The first image are silhouette thumbnails for a brand new gunship

6) Art Director Marcus Lehto liked the negative space on the first ship and so the second image is doing variations on that theme.

7) Then I was handed a render of another ship and asked to flesh out the details on the cockpit, gun and wing.

8) various options for the cockpit and weapon.

9) details of the final two contenders for the cockpit.

10) and 11) The Old Meg was a giant prewar hovership that crashed into a mountain and was an outlaw base. Some silhouette thumbnails

12) the final silhouette for the ship.

13) a rough 3d mockup of the ship, which underwent a few more silhouette tweaks.

14) and 15) A drawing of the details on the ship from the top and side view, drawn in photoshop over top the rough 3d model.

16) and 17) a front 3/4 view.

18) and 19) back 3/4

20) and 21) bottom view

22) And finally an inside view showing the bridge details.

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