Friday, July 3, 2020

Disintegration Art Drop #3

More work from V1 Interactive's "Disintegration".

1) More design exploration for the city. This one focused on the streets, showing how plazas, stairs, monorails, etc could add a lot of vertical elements.

2) Also continuing the explore just how overgrown and damaged did we want to make the city.

3) Final image is an example of the simple 3d geometry I'd make to paint over anywhere that I wasn't provided a greybox setup.

4) and 5) A bunch of city props. Again, near future city, so the props needed to be near future as well. The 1st and second images are general human sized props.

6) and 7) For these I learned one of my first important videogame concept rules: if you're making a first person shooter, you need stuff to hide behind. That's why there's so many crates and barrels designed for videogames smiley In this case, since you had a whole gravcycle to hide, we needed larger props for you to duck behind. Stuff like fountains, monuments, statues, kiosks.

8) A monorail system that breaks apart into smaller pods for last mile transportation. This would be wreckage in the city.

9) A first test of city wreckage.

10) These were a bunch of futuristic logos I made for buildings in the city.

11) A mood piece of the integrated seeking out our heroes in a small ruined town.

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