Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Megastructures Update #9 Sept 2021

Welcome to the September update on the Megastructures book project. So after the successful Kickstarter, we're making a ton of progress. Here's the major news.

1) I did a rough print of the book at Staples, which I like doing before handing the book to the official printing company. The print quality isn't great of course, but it gives me a physical object I can hold in my hand to make sure that formatting and text is the right size. Figuring this out is almost impossible on a computer screen. After the test print, I realized my main text was slightly too large, and so I made an adjustment. This is a great way to catch some of those last little issues before the more expensive / higher quality prints get made.

2) After that test, I finished my final edits and the book has been handed in to the printer. They will be printing Proofs soon, once they're approved, mass production on the book will begin.

3) I have signed with a distribution company that will be handling sending all the books out to all of you.

4) I've started on the hand drawn spaceships, 14 done so far of the 26 I need to fullfill the people who bought the spaceship drawing kickstarter tier, so just over half done.

That's the latest, next news should be once I receive the proofs, will share the results once I have them, then off to printing 1200 copies! Thanks for all the support!

- Neil

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