Thursday, September 30, 2021

Megastructure update and Inktober 2021

The Megastructure book project is coming along nicely, all of the book interior and exterior has been handed off to the printer, and next they will print a proof I have to approve before moving to the giant printing presses. 
Here's a template for the Megastructures Standard Edition Book Cover Jacket. When making a cover, its easy to forget all of the extra stuff that goes along with it like the spine, back cover, and flaps, but they all need to be made and considered.
And second, tomorrow is Inktober 2021, and this year will be 31 brand new spaceship sketches, many of which will end up as original artwork sent to the people who pledged for the "Megastructures" Kickstarter campaign. 
So if you want a sneak peak, follow my twitter or instagram for the month of October, links below!

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