Tuesday, November 15, 2016

SoulburnScripts Updated Nov 16th 2016

For years I have wanted a Blended Box Map and a Curvature Map in max. I wrote my own scripts to hack something together, but really they were just good enough to work, they lacked the polish that only actual max plugins could bring.

Well, 3dsmax 2017.1 adds a BBM and Curvature to the max base package, and I couldn't be happier! You can expect new scripts, new assets, and new tutorial videos from me in the coming days to show off the new workflows.

Lets start with a brand new script pack that use the new tools, with the option to always go back to the old soulburn methods for people who want to use older copies of max. First, download 3dsmax 2017.1 from your autodesk account. Then install the latest script pack...

Added 2 new scripts:

blendedCubeProjectionManager: Lets you change parameters to any Blended Cube Projection inside the material you currently have active or the objects you have selected.

Lets you change parameters of any Curvature Data Channel on your selected objects. Also lets you propagate an existing curvature modifier to all selected objects. So say you have 3 objects that have a curvature Data Channel modifier and you add 2 objects to your model, propagating will copy and paste that modifier to all 5 objects. 

Updated a bunch of older Maxscripts:

blendedBoxMapMaker: You can now create a BlendedBoxMap using max's BlendedBoxMap map. Also added compatibility with vray's Triplanartex map.

blendedBoxMapManager: You can now update the parameters of a Max BlendedBoxMap map.

blendedCubeProjectionMaker: You can now create a BlendedCubeProjection using max's BlendedBoxMap map.

cameraMapTemplateRenderer: You can now render max's BlendedBoxMap map projections.

curvatureMaker: Renamed script from cornerEdgeToVertexMap to curvatureMaker. Added ability to create new max 2017 Data Channel Curvature.

modelPreparer: You can now render your projections with max's BlendedBoxMap map.

groupWithPoint: Added option to have it not size the point based on bounding box size. The point will be of whatever default size you last chose. Added option to use a dummy instead of a point, which helps when exporting the scene as fbx to maya. Point is still default.

wireMaker: Fixed an issue where not having SplineMesher installed causes tons of error dialogs.

subdivisionAutomator: Added UV boundry controls for Opensubdiv. Now will always place the subdiv modifier under the data modifier in the stack.

modifierUtilities: Adjusted preset modifiers a bit. Added "Collapse To Modifier By Type" and "Collapse To Modifier By Name"

layerCleaner: Fixed a bug where it would not work in max2017 or higher.


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