Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Megastructures 5 Shkadov Thruster

The Shkadov thruster (named after Dr. Leonid Mikhailovich Shkadov), also known as a Class A Stellar Engine, accelerates a star through space by selectively reflecting or absorbing light on one side of the star's surface. This could be used to move your own sun to a different location in the cosmos, or move a potential dangerous sun (one that's likely to go super nova) away from damaging your system.

Software: 3dsmax, vray, Photoshop, Looks


Marcellus Ludovicus Servus said...

SO i've been thinking about this one for a few days. I understand how the half sphere will get pushed/thrusted by the sun's energy, but what I am left wondering about is how then that half-sphere grabs the sun to pull the sun along with it as it moves away...

Sorry for being contrarian, still the image looks cool :)

Marcellus Ludovicus Servus said...

Oh, and am still working on that corona question you had, its in the works.