Thursday, July 28, 2022

Physical Books Are Shipping

Yes, it's that word we've been all waiting to hear. Shipping! The books finally got onshore a few days ago and arrived yesterday at the US distribution center. Shipping will start this morning, and will continue over the next few weeks as they chew through all 1300 orders.

I am so happy after the delays to finally get everyone their physical books. Next time I'll think twice before trying to manufacture a book during a pandemic. :) A huge thank you to the 99.9% of you who were super patient and waited for the books like champs, many of you even sent me wonderful words of encouragement during the supply chain issues, your kindness will never be forgotten!

If you're on social media, please post a pic of your book and link me so I can see that the book arrived safe and sound. And of course I'm always open to your thoughts on the final product, positive or constructive criticism, it will help me in my decision making process on future projects. And once all the books have shipped, I'll send another note to confirm all the books are on their way. Any issues or problems, please email me.

If you haven't bought a book yet, there's still a few left, so feel free to check it out and order today!:

One last tremendous thank you to all, and I hope to continue to see you on the web. Megastructures has been a huge labor of love, and it wouldn't have been possible without you!

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