Thursday, November 18, 2021

Three Concept Progressions

Here's 3 progressions on 3 concept designs.

The first is one of my favorite concepts for V1 Interactive's game "Disintegration". First image is a simple 3d blockin to match perspective, the second is all the 3d elements, and the third is after I added the photo elements and hand painting in photoshop. A lot of fun working on this one!

The second, one my Inc The Robot. First is my photobash of the design, then a simple previs quality 3d model, then the untextured final model, then the textured model.

And finally, the Testudo spaceship. We have the silhouette sketch, a simple previs 3d model, a detail drawing, the untextured final model, the textured final model, and then a real life 3d print.

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