Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Week 2 of the Megastructures Kickstarter

So we just finished week 2 of the Megastructures kickstarter, and we passed a bunch more goals. 

We surpassed stretch goal #2 ($20,000) and so everyone who buys a book now gets a free pdf copy with their order as well. 

Then we blew past stretch goal #3 yesterday ($25,000), and so now everyone who contributes to the kickstarter will get their name in a special thanks section at the end of the book.

And we're well on our way to stretch goal #4, which will be a megastructures postcard included with every book, a random 1 of 6 possible.

Thanks to all who have pledged so far, and for those who haven't, feel free to check the book out here!


- Neil

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