Thursday, April 9, 2020

SoulburnScripts Updated April 9th 2020

Welcome to the 2nd to last edition of the Soulburnscripts update. As I posted last month, since Autodesk has gone rental only, I will no longer be updating these scripts come May 2021. So here's the latest pack that works with 2021, and I'll speak to you next year at this time for the final script pack compatible with max 2022.

The scripts have been now fully tested in Max 2021!

Updated 2 older Maxscripts:

vrayMatteManager: Added ability to make objects a matte object with no shadow catching ability.
modelPreparer: Newer versions of vray no longer compatible with Standard Materials, so now it uses vray materials if vray is selected as your renderer.

Thanks to everyone for your support.


Matt said...

Hey Neil! The link doesnt seem to work for me.

Matt said...

nevermind! I got it from your website