Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Inc The Book Tutorials

A few people have asked what making of material will come with the Inc book. Our "Making Of" articles will be digital, so in the book will be links to the following...

1) Scale Comparison
2) Character Turntables
3) Designing Inc The Robot (Design, Modeling, Texture)
4) Costume Design Using Photo Collage
5) 3d Sketches As A Base For A Painting
6) Color Sketches To Final Rendering
7) Layers Breakdown Inc Poster 1
8) Layers Breakdown Inc Coral Desert Wandering 2
9) The Big Shapes Designing The Alien Mothership

8 of the 9 "Making Of"'s have videos, and each comes with long written components with tons of pictures. Hopefully they will give you some good insight into the processes we used to make the artwork for the book.

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