Monday, January 30, 2017 Art Gallery Mailing List Is Moving!

Yes, after 12 years (May 13th 2005 to be exact), its time to move the mailing list to a new provider. For anyone who doesn't know about the list, every month or so I send out an email letting people know when I've added new artwork to my gallery. While social media is great, a lot of social media sites don't show you all of the posts from the people you follow. So the only way to be sure to see ALL of the artwork I post is my mailing list delivered directly to your email address.

Just visit this page and put in your email to subscribe. It'll send you a confirmation email to make sure you're not a robot, and you should be all set.

As an extra incentive, I will be releasing some new artwork on Wednesday morning that will be exclusive to this new mailing list. So sign up today, it just takes a minute of your time.

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