Saturday, August 8, 2020

Top 10 Most Viewed CG Education Tutorials

Decided to take a closer look at which of my 148 CG Education tutorials were the most viewed. So took a look at the stats from the last 5 years, and have compiled this list, maybe some of these will be as helpful to you as they have been to others.

10) "Contrasts In Composition" Learn all the different ways you can use contrast of size, shape, value, etc in an image to direct the eye

9) An oldie but goody, "Anisotropic Reflections In The Real World", where I explain what they are, what causes them, and then shows tons of real world photos of different types

8) "Rounding The Edges", learn all about Chamfers and Fillets and how they add realism to your models!

7) Learn everything you want to know about "Reflections and Highlights" in the real world, and how to translate that knowledge to 3dsmax or your 3d program of choice

6) I go through my entire process for shading a hard surface model in 3dsmax. While a high quality version of this tutorial is purchasable, feel free to just watch the free version here

5) "Areas Of Visual Detail, Areas Of Visual Rest", a short discussion of placing detail in your image to get the most visual impact

4) "Procedural Patterns And Noises", showing all the various noises you can create in software like 3dsmax, Bercon, Darktree, Filterforge, etc

3) All the different ways to add Curvature based Edge Wear to surfaces in 3dsmax. Contains extensive written and video portions

2) Kind of a surprise in the number 2 slot, a tutorial I did about the "GGX shader", showing how to use it to really make better metal materials

1) Here we are, the #1 slot. And the most viewed tutorial, with 3 times the views of the 2nd highest, is "Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Shapes"! To celebrate, I recorded a brand new video for the lesson, so check it out below!

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