Wednesday, December 16, 2015

On The Horizon 4

One last image in 2015 from the Inc book project. Next year will be the release of the book!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Introducing Landis and Inc

The moment has come, here's the full reveal of the two heroes of our story, Landis and Inc The Robot! Together they go on a very unique journey on a desert planet, where even a drop of water can mean the difference between life and death.

Inc was designed, modeled and textured by Neil Blevins using 3dsmax, vray and photoshop. Landis was designed, modeled and textured by Bill Zahn. More pictures coming soon!

For more info, please visit..

And catch more of Inc in the book Nuthin But Mech 3, out on Design Studio Press!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nuthin But Mech 3 Out Now, Inc Revealed!!!

Design Studio Press' "Nuthin But Mech 3" book has been released! As well as mech related artwork from 54 professional artists, this book also contains the first full images of the main robot protagonist from my book project "The Story of Inc".

Next week I'll give you a sneak peak of some of the book's artwork on the blog (The big reveal of both Inc the robot and Landis, his human companion), but until then, please consider buying the "Nuthin But Mech 3" book. As well as containing tons of beautiful artwork, proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to the family of Francis Tsai, a remarkable artist and inspiring figure who passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease in early 2015.

 See ya next week!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur" Released Today

I started working on "The Good Dinosaur" in October 2010, first 1 year in the art dept doing 3d visual development, followed by 2 years in the sets dept making assets got the film. After the film's story got retooled, I worked another 2 years as a part of sets.

The environments in this film were quite an undertaking. First, USGS data was used to give us a base terrain to work on. Then in the far and mid ground, procedural trees and rocks were added by the tech team. For the foreground, a large team of modelers and shaders meticulously built thousands of trees, rocks, bushes and plants. These assets were then placed in the scene by the set dressers, who also painted procedural grass / moss / flowers to seat everything. Finally, procedural leaves were added to the trees.

I am so honored to have been a part of the sets team for this film, everyone did a fantastic job, and everyone worked together really well in the face of tremendous challenges.

So now here we are, 5 years later, in theaters today. 84% on rotten tomatoes. I hope everyone gets a chance to see the film, and I hope you enjoy our labor of love.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Nov 21st 2015

Updated 3 older Maxscripts:

soulburnAssetLoader (SAL): People have been asking for this for awhile now, finally added a Textures category where you can load textures into your material editor. Currently works with "Tif", "png", "hdr" and "exr" files. Also added ability to turn off any of the 4 categories of assets, removing them from the interface and giving you more screen real estate. Also fixed a number of issues relating to resizing the floater window.
viewportToVFBLoader: Updated some functions, no change to user.
sLib: Updated sLibResizeImageByPixelsFilter to allow for non-proportional rescaling. Removed sLibResizeImageByPixelsNoFilter as it was no longer needed.  Added sLibGetImageBitDepth.

To download the new script pack:

If you've installed my asset packs before, here's how to upgrade to properly use the new "Textures" functionality in SAL.

1) Go to your assets/Materials directory, and delete the maps subdirectory (if you've added your own maps into this directory, don't delete those, just the ones that you downloaded from me)
2) Download and install this texture asset pack here:
3) Download and install this material asset pack here:
4) Now you should be all set to enjoy the latest features in SAL!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Xeelee Sequence Resplendent The Worlds Of Man Fell Dark

Fan art of the book "Resplendent", part of Stephen Baxter's Xeelee Sequence. Space is filled with the red glow of ionized gas nebulas, the remains of a thousand red giant stars, aged before their time. But for this star, its fate is to be extinguished by a different force, signaling the end of man's conquest of the galaxy. I wanted to give that feeling of the last bit of sunlight hitting the planet before the solar system goes dark. This was a surprisingly tough piece because it needed to be dark because that was the narrative, but if it was too dark, the viewer can't see the painting (you always have to consider that each person's monitor will have a different brightness, making it hard to do subtle darkness). Hopefully I hit a good balance.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Nov 10th 2015

Updated 2 older Maxscripts:

cameraMapTemplateRenderer: Fixed a bug where the script would crash if the vray render failed for some reason.
modelPreparer: Added high and low values to the curvature feature because this is a value users may want to adjust on a more frequent basis. Decreasing the low and increasing the high will capture more edges on a more subtly curved surface.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Monday, November 9, 2015

SciFi Power Cell

Sunday, November 8, 2015

SoulburnScripts, Assets and CG Education Updated Nov 8th 2015

So now that we have a Blended Box Map for vray, I've been able to make a number of major updates...
  • I've updated all of the soulburn material asset files to use the new plugin, which reduces the size and complexity (and rendertime) of the materials by a substantial amount.
  • I have a new soulburnscript pack that includes both a Blended Box Map manager script to mass edit all the VraytriplanarTex maps in your scene, but also a script called modelPreparer, that speeds up the setup process tremendously when using my SAL asset materials.
  • I have released a 33 minute video on youtube and gumroad called "Shading A Hard Surface Model 2015: Texturing A SciFi Power Cell" showing how to use the new assets and scripts to quickly shade any hard surface model. This is similar to the video I posted last year, except with a ton of new material since technology has advanced a lot in the last year. You can watch the video free on youtube, or if you want a high quality downloadable version, its $1 on gumroad.
That's the basics, now for more details see below...

CGTools Updated Nov 8th 2015

Updated 5 Material Asset Packs:

All 5 material Asset packs now use the VrayTriplanarTex map instead of my soulburnscript blended box map. This leads to faster setup times and also faster render times. Also, where previously there was a 5 step process to set up any geometry before it could be used with these material assets, I have now written a script to do that process for you. Learn more about it in the following tutorial:

Get the assets here:

SoulburnScripts Updated Nov 8th 2015

Its crazy, but this is the 100th revision of the soulburnscripts! And this one's a biggy!

Added 2 new Maxscripts:

modelPreparer: Sets up your model to have materials applied to it from the Soulburn MaterialAssetPacks using SAL.
blendedBoxMapManager: Lets you change parameters to any Blended Box Map inside the material you currently have selected in the Material Editor.

Updated 11 older Maxscripts:

soulburnAssetLoader: Added ability to place materials in the Slate Material Editor.
Did a more consistent job of adding returns in the various functions.  Added sLibFindParentsInObjs, sLibFindParentsOfObjs and sLibConvertBaseObjectToPoly.
Fixed a bug where the wrong parameter was being set in the default Max 2016 Physical Camera.
Added better error messages.
Now it renames the Material modifier something more meaningful.
Cleaned up a lot of code.
Added option to not select the resulting point helper. Added some options on what to do if your selected objects have existing hierarchy. Cleaned up a lot of code.
Cleaned up a lot of code. Fixed a problem that meant the specific size spinner didn't work properly.
Cleaned up a lot of code. Fixed a problem that meant the specific size spinner didn't work properly.
After a render, now returns the active viewport to the last viewport type you had instead of the view of one of the cameras you rendered from. Added option for adding a default light, and for turning shadows on and off.
Temporarily removed the option to "Convert Instances To References" until a nasty bug gets resolved. Now names the normal flip modifier something meaningful.

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated Nov 8th 2015

The Soulburn CG Education Page has been updated:

Added a new tutorial video (33min) called Shading A Hard Surface Model 2015: Texturing A Scifi Power Cell

Monday, November 2, 2015

Autodesk's New Licensing: How This Will Affect The SoulburnScripts and Assets

So I've received a number of questions on how the new Autodesk licensing scheme (which goes into effect Jan 31st 2016) will affect the future of the 3dsmax SoulburnScripts and Assets. Read more about the new licensing here:

Here's the story in a nutshell. After January...

- you can't buy a single license for $3500 or whatever it cost in your area.
- You can't take an older copy of max and upgrade it for $800 or whatever it cost in your area.
- You can have a Maintenance Subscription, which means if you pay the $600 a year (or whatever it cost in your area), you always get the most recent copy of max, and if you stop paying you keep the last version of the software you received. But if you want to go back on Maintenance Subscription at a later time, you can't.
- You can buy a Desktop Subscription. This is the rental model, you pay a certain amount of money per month / year, you always get the most recent copy of max, but if you stop paying, you lose all access to the software. You can no longer open your old max files. But you can choose to start paying for a Desktop Subscription again any time you like.

Pretty much everyone knows I disagree with these licensing changes. My main beef is with the rental model. I like the idea of owning things. I do not like the idea that if I pay for something, if I stop paying for it, someone can basically come to my house and take that item away. I do not like the idea that a company has complete control over when I can and cannot use my software. I do not like the idea that a company can take away my ability to open my own asset files by denying me access to the software  necessary to open them. To note, my feelings extend to other media as well, when I buy music, I do not buy music that has any DRM, because once I buy an album, I don't want some company deciding later that they want to take that album back, or if say the company goes out of business, that I can never enjoy that music again. While I do watch streaming movies, any movie I want to make sure I can keep watching for the rest of my life, I buy the DVD/Blu-ray.

Anyways, how will this affect the SoulburnScripts and Assets? Since my issues are with rental, thankfully there is still an option for me, the Maintenance Subscription. Yes, its not ideal. But I am fine paying my yearly fee as long as, if for some reason I ever do decide to stop paying it, I get to keep my software and be able to open my old max files. And that is what I have done. So for people who have decided to just keep 3dsmax 2016 and not upgrade, you will continue to have access to the SoulburnScripts and Assets. And for the people who are either on Maintenance or who are going to use the rental model, I will continue to upgrade the SoulburnScripts and Assets with all of the new tools the 3dsmax team puts in newer versions of the software.

As a side, I do want everyone to realize that the 3dsmax team is not to blame for any of this, this is a decision made by Autodesk Corporate, and the 3dsmax team has to live with the ramifications of this decision just like we do. So at this point all the 3dsmax team can do is focus on continuing to make the software the best software it can be. And I feel the last few years they've been doing a great job of that.

Should at some future point Autodesk decide to remove the Maintenance Subscription option, and go fully rental only (like Adobe), I will not be joining in, I will stay with whatever last version of max I am able to get on Maintenance, and stay with that for possibly the rest of my career (or until some other company's software gets good enough to persuade me to switch). That's my current relationship with Adobe, I am using Photoshop CS6 still, and will do so until Adobe allows me to buy the software again, or some other company comes along with a painting app that can replace photoshop in my workflow. If this ever occurs, the Soulburnscripts and Assets will no longer get updates based on newer versions of the software.

So in short, at least for the moment, the SoulburnScripts and Assets will continue on as they have, with older versions for people on older copies of max, and newer versions for future copies of max. May Autodesk keep the Maintenance Subscription in the future, or even better, realize their mistake and go back to offering all of the licensing options their customer base want.

Any further questions, feel free to ask.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated Oct 21st 2015

I have a lot of big plans now that the VrayTriplanarTex map is available. But to start things off, added some new information to the Blended Box Mapping tutorial discussing VrayTriplanarTex's features and advantages and disadvantages over other techniques.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ladies And Gents: We have a Blended Box Map Plugin!

I can't believe it, I've been bugging various developers for well over a decade for this, and now the time has finally arrived! Vlado did it, he finished the Blended Box Map Plugin!

While I don't know if all of your support persuaded him to finish the plugin or not, I'd like to think it did, so a huge thanks to all of you for the help!

So where do we go from here? Well first off, I'll be updating all of my tutorials and material assets with the new tech, which will make the setup process way easier for everyone! I will also do my best to persuade autodesk to find a way to get this included in regular max, so that those people not using Vray can still use the plugin. And of course, my BlendedBoxMap Maxscript will continue to be available for those of you who prefer using it. But honestly, this plugin is way better in so many ways, so I recommend for everyone to use it if you can. And send Vlado a thanks!

I have to go dance around like a happy child now!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We Almost have a Blended Box Map Plugin!

Hey everyone. This is super important (IMO), so please take a moment to read on!

So you may know for the last 10 years or so I've been doing what I can to persuade various 3dsmax plugin developers to write an actual Blended Box Map plugin. While my BBM script works, its less than ideal.

Well, it looks like we have our best bet yet, Vlado of the Chaosgroup has written a beta version of a Blended Box Map (called Triplanar). You can find it in this thread on the vray forums:

Its a great first stab, but needs a few more features to be able to replace my scripted version. He wants to add the extra features, but of course has to find the developer time to do it. Any developer will tell you there isn't enough time to do everything that everyone wants, so the important part is prioritizing what will help the most people.

Well, to help him gauge the priority of things and the sort of impact finishing this plugin can have on our lives, I am asking, if you find my Blended Box Map technique useful, please participate in on this thread: and let him know how useful this plugin would be to you. Just a "Hey there, would love to see this finished, I would find it really helpful for my workflow."

If this gets completed and released, I know I can simplify the material assets I've given to you guys on my webpage, and that will simplify and speed up the setup process. I can also provide you with better and cleaner texturing workflows and tutorials. And if the chaos group makes the plugin, it will almost certainly be compiled for a number of older max releases, so it won't only be useful to people running the latest and greatest.

I have lived through about 5 half finished versions of this plugin written by many developers over the years, and I think its time to finally see one of them reach the finish line. Vlado is already awesome for getting things this far, we just need one further step! Thanks to any help you can provide!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

CGTools Updated Oct 10th 2015

Updated 1 older Asset Packs:

Soulburn_MaterialAssetPack_Free_v006: Added 2 pattern materials that contain starting spots for all sorts of General and Specific Patterns (see for more info), and a glowing white test material. Also split out the texture maps into a separate file to speed up downloading.

By request, I've also split the "Test" materials into their own pack. So if you've installed the "Free" Material pack in the past, go into the "Free" directory in the asset directory on your hard drive, delete any file with the word "Test" at the front, then install the brand new "Test" pack.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Oct 1st 2015

Updated 5 older Maxscripts:

blendedBoxMapMaker: Now you can place the BlendedBoxMap Map into the Slate Material Editor.
blendedCubeProjectionMaker: Now you can place the blendedCubeProjection Map into the  Slate Material Editor.
materialFromSelectedObject: Now you can place the material into the  Slate Material Editor.
cameraMapTemplateRenderer: Adjusted some code in the render area to be more efficient.
texmapPreview: Adjusted some code in the render area to be more efficient.

Bunch Of Artwork

Here's three concept paintings from for a film Project called Peril (Based on the e-book by Timothy Holloway). The project remains in development, posted with permission.

And two personal images, another cattle painting, and an image based on the short story "Vacuum Diagrams", part of Stephen Baxter's Xeelee Sequence. Humans discover and build a settlement on a giant glowing white cube (known as a Sugar Lump) floating in space, an artifact left behind by a technologically advanced race. Gravity works strangely on the Sugar Lump, and its purpose has huge ramifications for the known Universe.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CGTools Updated Sept 23rd 2015

Updated 3 older Asset Packs:

Soulburn_MaterialAssetPack_Free_v005, Soulburn_MaterialAssetPack_HardSurface1_v005, Soulburn_MaterialAssetPack_MetalsAdvanced1_v005: Added a new rust, a new concrete, a checker test material, and removed the older Combo_DirtyRustyDecaledPaintedWornMetal_A material since its been replaced by Combo_DirtyRustyDecaledPaintedWornMetal_B.

SoulburnScripts Updated Sept 23rd 2015

Added 1 new Maxscript:

Sometimes when you render you want to do a test render that's smaller. But changing the render size means you then have to remember what the old size was and re-enter it when you're done test rendering. This script allows you to render a smaller test render size (by percentage) without modifying your final render size.

Updated 3 older Maxscripts:

texmapPreview: Added super basic Corona support.
sLib: Added sLibWhatsCurrentRenderer.
viewportToVFBLoader: Moved some common code to slib.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated Sept 7th 2015

Added a new tutorial called Perspective Cheat Sheet For Drawing And Painting. Updated the Different Types Of Weathering tutorial with some new diagrams.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Desert Wanderin' For Inc

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Aliens Arrive!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New "Tech Floor" Artwork

Two new "Tech Floor" Spaceship hull images, and a re-crop of an older one.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated July 2nd 2015

Updated my Blended Cube Projection tutorial with a brand new 5 minute video showing some alternate techniques.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated July 1st 2015

Updated my Curvature Based Edge Wear tutorial with a brand new 6 minute video showing some new techniques.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Qax Assault

Quick Inc Break. This image came to me while I was reading Stephen Baxter's "Timelike Infinity". The Qax Spline ships just seem like such an ominous threat.

Monday, June 15, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated June 15th 2015

Updated 6 older Maxscripts:

soulburnAssetLoader (SAL): You can now add the environment's filename as a prefix to the imported objects. Also you can now manually resize the floater window if you want, or keep it in automatic resize mode. Added a button to remake all icons in SAL. You can now do a manual gamma correction on the SAL icons if you want. Note that this is a gamma correction, not the gamma of the icon. So a gamma correction of 1 will make no change, a gamma correction of 0.45 will be darker, and a gamma correction of 2 will be lighter.
maxfileOldVersionSaver: Script now resets the max scene after processing last file.
viewportToVFBLoader: Fixed an issue that would stop the script from working in vray 3.2. You can now do a manual gamma correction on the viewport image if you want. Note that this is a gamma correction, not the gamma of the image. So a gamma correction of 1 will make no change, a gamma correction of 0.45 will be darker, and a gamma correction of 2 will be lighter.
texmapBaker: Changed the vray baking element to turn off color mapping that was being applied to the baked element.
sLib: Added ability to modify the gamma in the sLibResizeImageByPixelsFilter function.
iDSetter: Fixed an issue where it would have problem in "Object ID" and "User Defined Properties" mode with instances.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CGTools Updated June 10th 2015

Updated 1 older Asset Pack:

Soulburn_EnvAssetPack_Free_v004: Added a new HDRI (A big thanks to Sachform Technology) that works with a new HardSurface Textured Lighting Rig. Provides some nice reflections as well as good lighting to show off your textured hard surface models. Simplified some of the asset icons top make them easier to find.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated May 28th 2015

Added a new discussion piece called Choosing Software For Your Own Personal Art Pipeline.

Monday, May 18, 2015

SoulburnScripts For Photoshop Updated May 18th 2015

So adding something a little new to the mix, the first SoulburnScript for Photoshop!

Export Groups to Files: Exports visible groups as PNG files. Say you're texturing a 3D model and you have a single PSD file that contains groups for the Color Map, Spec Map and Bump Map of your object. Running this script will export these 3 groups as separate png files (with transparency) that can now be loaded to the appropriate material channels in your 3d package of choice. Written for Soulburn Studios by Trevor Morris

Sunday, May 17, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated May 17th 2015

Updated 4 older Maxscripts:

soulburnAssetLoader (SAL): Fixed a bug that would crash the Asset Wizard. You can now add an extra asset directory in addition to the main asset directory in case you have another location you want to add assets from. Added wildcard filter so you can filter any category by a search string, for example, "Rock" will filter the assets only showing assets with the word "Rock" anywhere in the name.
maxfileOldVersionSaver: Added more error checking and the ability to save in the current max version.
vraySamplingSubdivManager: Fixed a crash bug that would affect Loading Default Values.
sLib: Fixed a bug in sLibGetAllFilesInDir where it would return unexpected data if there was no directory specified to search.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated May 11th 2015

Updated my Dirty Rusty Decaled Painted Worn Metal tutorial with a simpler workflow and better looking results using my newly available asset packs.

CGTools Updated May 10th 2015

So a lot of Asset news, BIG BIG changes, so please read below...

1) All of my Lighting, Material and Model assets are now FREE of charge. I just found it too difficult to keep everything organized when I had to keep some packs free and some pay, so I decided to go free for everything. If you did pay for one of the packs in the past, and are really bent out of shape, send me an email and I'll refund you your money no questions asked. But you could also consider your $5-10 to be the price of access to these advanced material packs over a year before everyone else. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

2) I removed the need for the CamerMapGemini plugin from the material packs. You can still use it if you'd like, but its no longer necessary. So now the only required plugins are Vray 3.0 and Color Correct (a free plugin) and that's it.

3) Added a bunch of upgrades, the metal materials now use the Vray 3 GGX shader which looks way better, I'm using the VrayHDRIMap for all its advanced features, etc.

4) I now have a single set of max files compatible with all max versions 2012 all the way to max 2016. So no need to have different max files for different max versions.

5) If you've installed previous packs, please uninstall the old ones first, see the instructions on each asset page under "UnInstallation For SAL".

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and I hope you enjoy the new packs and upgrades!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated May 9th 2015

Updated 5 older Maxscripts:

soulburnAssetLoader (SAL): In the asset wizard, you can now render a camera view to make your asset icon. In the asset wizard, you can now choose your category from dropdowns of your current categories.
maxfileOldVersionSaver: Added Max 2015 and Max 2016. Now when it opens the max files in a directory it does so in silent mode so that it doesn't produce unwanted warning dialogs.
objectAttacher: Added ability to place the final pivot at the origin.
objectDetacher: Added ability to place the final pivot at the origin.
vraySamplingSubdivManager: Now has a mode to affect all lights and materials in the scene in a single click.

Also Added SelectByColor and VrayDisplacementMod macroscripts to SoulburnScriptsExtras, so you can now access these tools via buttons / quad menu / keyboard shortcuts inside max.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated May 6th 2015

Added a new tutorial called Turbulence Noise.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated May 3rd 2015

Added a new tutorial called GGX Shading Model For Metallic Reflections. Added more details to my Procedural Patterns and Noise tutorial.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Apr 29th 2015

Updated 5 older Maxscripts:

soulburnAssetLoader (SAL): Gives option of merging in Model assets into the file's layer, the current layer, or a brand new layer. Added a checkbox to uniquify merged model names. Gives you a warning now when merging duplicate materials. Added a checkbox to place the merged environment light's texture into the scene's environment slot. Floater is now dockable.
cameraLensPackager: Added Max 2016 Physical Camera Support.
cameraFromPerspView: Added Max 2016 Physical Camera Support.
cameraMapTemplateRenderer: Cleaned Up Some Code.
materialInfoDisplayer: Now removes duplicate entries from the "Objects That Have The Active Material Assigned" and "Materials In Scene That Contain A Map Type Based On A Search String" lists.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Apr 16th 2015

First off, the latest pack works with Max 2016.

Added 1 new Maxscript:

Deletes all empty layers from your scene. Works in Max 2016 only.

Updated 7 older Maxscripts:

iDSetter: Revised default settings. If you prefered the old ones, remember you can always set them back and hit "SaveDef". Added ability to use existing Material modifiers when setting the material ID, or you can keep having the script adding a new one.
cameraLensPackager: When using vray cameras, automaticaly turns off the fov checkbox to properly set the focal length.
objectPainter: Added a "Straight Line" mode that places objects on your surface in a straight line. Click a start point, drag and release the mouse at the end point, and it will connect those two points on the surface with your "Paint With" objects. Great for stuff like rivets on a plane fuselage.
polyCountSelector: Added ability to get the facecount of the currently selected object. Also can now select objects either in the scene or current selection.
sLib: Added sLibTrimDupsByName.
uVFlattenMapper: Fixed a bug that caused presets not to load. Fixed a crash bug by removing the unnecessary mappingReset() call.
xFormResetter: Added ability to collapse splines properly.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Saturday, March 14, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 14th 2015

Added 3 new Maxscripts:

Applies Flatten Mapping (also sometimes refered to as Automatic UVs), which is the same as the Flatten Mapping in the UVWUnwrap modifier, but unlike that one, can be applied to a selection of objects with each object using their own map, or all the objects sharing a single map. Good for just getting some sort of mapping on all scene objects in one button press, perhaps to then send to a paint app or to bake a texture map.
vertexEdgeFaceSelectByNormal: Selects verts, edges or faces of a Editable Poly based on an angle threshhold. This is identical to the tool on the Modeling Ribbon, but now accessible as a macroscript since the one in the ribbon didn't have a macroscript available.
viewportToVFBLoader: Gets the currently active viewport and loads it into the VFB. Most useful in Vray so you don't have to do a render to set your render region. Originally written by Dave Wortley (, I added limited support for the scanline renderer and a number of extra options like better resize quality and overriding the viewport draw mode.

Updated 3 older Maxscripts:

iDSetter: Added ability to choose a specific set of ramdom IDs, like if you type "1,10,15", it will give each selected object one of those 3 ids randomly.
objectAttacher: Unified the UIs between objectAttacher and objectDetatcher. Now has ability to keep original object.
objectDetacher: Unified the UIs between objectAttacher and objectDetatcher.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 5th 2015

Max script update:

Added 2 new scripts:
xFormResetter: Like the Reset Xform utility, but with a number of improvements: 1) Works on hierarchies without messing up the transformation, 2) Automatically flips the normals of any object with negative scales,  3) Can either turn instances to copies or references (like the Utility does), 4) Can Collapse Mesh To Poly after reset
cameraLensPackager: Lets you set the lenses (Focal Length) on all scene or selected cameras based on 9 presets. The supplied presets are for a Panavision C Series Anamorphic Lens Package, but you can modify the presets to be your favorite values.

Updated some older scripts:
sLib: Added sLibConvertsInstancesToReferences.
objectUniquefier: Fixed a bug that I introduced last version that caused the script to not function.

Extra Notes:
transformReset was renamed to transformRemover to avoid confusion with xFormResetter

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Feb 8th 2015

Max script update:

First, please make sure you followed the instructions I sent on the last update to remove the older scripts from your copy of max.

Added a new script:
pipeMaker: Creates a big mess of pipes. This script uses a lot of code from vidarn's "Pipe Dream" script (, I've taken the basics of his script and rebuilt it to do pipes that have more options on how dense the final geometry is, the full volume the pipes inhabit, etc. Maybe you'll find my changes useful too. Thanks to vidarn for letting me use his code!

Updated some older scripts:
soulburnScriptsLister: Now has a script count to tell you how many scripts its loaded.
objectAttacher: Added ability to adjust the placement of the pivot.
objectDetacher: Added ability to adjust the placement of the pivot.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Jan 28th 2015

Its spring cleaning time!!! That's right. It's been, believe it or not, almost 10 years since I started the soulburn scripts, a full decade! And it was high time to do a little reorganization, including renaming some scripts to make them easier to find for new users, and deleting a few older scripts that either never worked properly, or have been replaced with newer scripts. What does this mean for you? Well first, it means a little bit of an annoyance, since installing the new pack will require you to learn the names of a few new scripts. But overall it will be a bonus, because the cleaning will let me continue to develop the scripts without being bogged down with older cruft. So I apologize in advance for the slight road bump, but I've outlined all you need to know below.

Max 9 to Max 2012 will no longer be updated:

Pack 088 (released December 2014) will be the last for these older copies of max (and will remain downloadable on my website). This will let me add new features more easily to newer scripts.


How To Uninstall the older script pack for Max 2013 and up users:

This is necessary to get the new script pack to work, so please delete the files in these directories...
  • c:\3dsmax\scripts\SoulburnScripts\images: all files
  • c:\3dsmax\scripts\SoulburnScripts\lib: all files
  • c:\3dsmax\scripts\SoulburnScripts\scripts: all files
  • c:\3dsmax\UI_ln\Icons: All files that start with the word "SoulburnScripts_".
  • c:\3dsmax\UI_ln\IconsDark: All files that start with the word "SoulburnScripts_".
  • c:\3dsmax\MacroScripts: the SoulburnScripts.mcr and SoulburnScriptsExtras.mcr files.
  • c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\en-US\plugcfg\SoulburnScripts\presets: all files

Install Pack 089:

Pack 089 can be installed as normal, and contains all the changes.

Scripts that have been deleted:

  • bitmapPagerManager: These functions don't seem to do anything anymore in modern versions of max.
  • cameraMapGeminiRender:  Replaced with cameraMapTemplateRenderer.
  • faceNormalDisplayer: Worked incorrectly for too many objects inside max.
  • materialIDRandomizer: Replaced with iDRandomizer.
  • pointTracker: Never worked properly.
  • powerSolidsManager: Powersolids no longer exists for modern versions of max.
  • selectionHighlighter: Never worked reliably.
  • surfaceSnapper: Replaced with Placement tool in max.
  • uVWMappingCopier: Never worked reliably.

Scripts that have been renamed:

  • wireBundler -> wireMaker
  • modifySubdivIters -> subdivisionIterationManip
  • attachSelectedObjects -> objectAttacher
  • makeObjectsUnique -> objectUniquefier
  • findbyActiveMaterial -> objectSelectorByMaterial
  • findInstances -> instanceFinder
  • findUniqueObjects -> uniqueObjectFinder
  • getNodeType -> nodeTypeDisplayer
  • getMatFromSelectedObject -> materialFromSelectedObject
  • putPivot -> pivotPlacer

If there's anything I can do to help with this transition, please don't hesitate to contact me, and I'll help out in anyway I can. And thanks again for following my work for the last 10 years, its been quite a ride.