Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Apr 29th 2015

Updated 5 older Maxscripts:

soulburnAssetLoader (SAL): Gives option of merging in Model assets into the file's layer, the current layer, or a brand new layer. Added a checkbox to uniquify merged model names. Gives you a warning now when merging duplicate materials. Added a checkbox to place the merged environment light's texture into the scene's environment slot. Floater is now dockable.
cameraLensPackager: Added Max 2016 Physical Camera Support.
cameraFromPerspView: Added Max 2016 Physical Camera Support.
cameraMapTemplateRenderer: Cleaned Up Some Code.
materialInfoDisplayer: Now removes duplicate entries from the "Objects That Have The Active Material Assigned" and "Materials In Scene That Contain A Map Type Based On A Search String" lists.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Apr 16th 2015

First off, the latest pack works with Max 2016.

Added 1 new Maxscript:

Deletes all empty layers from your scene. Works in Max 2016 only.

Updated 7 older Maxscripts:

iDSetter: Revised default settings. If you prefered the old ones, remember you can always set them back and hit "SaveDef". Added ability to use existing Material modifiers when setting the material ID, or you can keep having the script adding a new one.
cameraLensPackager: When using vray cameras, automaticaly turns off the fov checkbox to properly set the focal length.
objectPainter: Added a "Straight Line" mode that places objects on your surface in a straight line. Click a start point, drag and release the mouse at the end point, and it will connect those two points on the surface with your "Paint With" objects. Great for stuff like rivets on a plane fuselage.
polyCountSelector: Added ability to get the facecount of the currently selected object. Also can now select objects either in the scene or current selection.
sLib: Added sLibTrimDupsByName.
uVFlattenMapper: Fixed a bug that caused presets not to load. Fixed a crash bug by removing the unnecessary mappingReset() call.
xFormResetter: Added ability to collapse splines properly.

Friday, April 3, 2015