Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pixar's OpenSubdiv Initiative, And How It Can Help You

Pixar has just announced the OpenSubdiv initiative, the open sourcing of the full Catmull-Clark subdiv surface algorithms.

Here's a little essay explaining what this means to the CG artist: Pixar's OpenSubdiv Initiative, And How It Can Help You.

Revised Weapon Design, the M-0908 Mars Issue Submachine Gun MK2

The Story: After the launch of the MK1, soldiers on the field complained about numerous design problems with the weapon, from getting their gear straps stuck in the opening between the grips and the body of the weapon, to a scope that was too close to the body to provide comfort when in use. Responding to these complaints, the MK2 was created to solve a number of these issues. While not perfect, the weapon proved to be far more successful than the MK1.

Information: After my initial design, I received a lot of excellent constructive criticism on how to improve the weapon overall, making it far more believable and useable. So I decided to make a revised version taking many of these suggestions into account. I'm still very new at this, but it's been a very cool couple of weeks doing research, getting suggestions, and overall improving my weapon design skills. This learning will continue undoubtedly on future weapon designs. Again, thanks to everyone for the feedback!

Toy Photo Page Updated Aug 26th 2012

Popbot Group Shoot 4
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Popbot Heavy TK Soh Shoot 1
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WWRp Bertie MK3 Mode B Sand Devil Shoot 1
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two new paintings

A new color abstract...

...and a new robot head speed painting called "Tophatbot Rough", trying to find a good balance between something that's too sketchy and something that's far too computer perfect.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Toy Photo Page Updated Aug 17th 2012

Adventure Kartel Portable Zombot Classic Shoot 1
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Adventure Kartel Portable Zombot Shadow Shoot 1
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Adventure Kartel Group Shoot 1
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Popbot Group Shoot 3
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Weapon Design

A quick weapon design, meant for use on Mars, the weapon is reasonably light considering its size, and the moving parts are well shielded to survive in the harsh sandy mars landscape. This weapon is not meant to be pretty with lots of curves and sleek design, just highly reliable and functional.

A note on the design: Of all the things one can design, I feel that weapons, especially guns, are one of the hardest. There's just so many factors to consider: How will it be held while firing? Is there enough room to properly grip the gun? Will it be for a human or non-human combatant? Is it too big or small? Is the barrel large enough for whatever sized bullet it'll use? Where do the bullet casing come out of? etc. It's like my first architectural design class where the teacher suddenly hits us with all this information: The average doorway needs to be X size so that the average piece of furniture can make it through. The average desk should be X height so it fits the average sized person. The rise and run of an average staircase should be X/Y so it feels comfortable to the average gait. It was crazy, all of this thought had gone into something that I had used my entire life, and yet had never really noticed. Anyways, back to guns, the other factor that makes it hard is how many gun geeks there are in the design community (and I use the term geek with the highest reverence), so anyways, hopefully I didn't screw up too badly :) I did my research, but I'm sure I've neglected to think of lots of things. But everyone's gotta start somewhere. Feel free to critique if you'd like, this has certainly been a valuable learning experience.

Toy Photo Page Updated Aug 12th 2012

So this week's toy photo is a custom that I helped paint. The original Zaku promo piece was super dirty and grungy, but when he was finally sold, he had been cleaned up a bunch. So when I got the toy, I decided to grunge him back up again! (not to make him look identical to the original promo toy necessarily, but just to get him messier) The weathering is just normal acrylic paint, dabbed on by a brush, then smeared using paper towel and sponge (and in some spots, thinned using paint thinner). And some smaller details added with a small paintbrush. Had a lot of fun painting him, check out the photo shoot on flickr for lots of photos.

Bandai Custom Gundam Filthy Zaku Shoot 1
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Friday, August 10, 2012

New Speed Painting From A Photo

A favorite beach. Hope to go out next week for some real Plein Air digital painting.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Toy Photo Page Updated Aug 5th 2012

WWR Square Mighty JDF Shoot 1
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Popbot Nabler C2 Straight Black Shoot 1
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Popbot Nabler E3 Frown Dark Grey Shoot 1
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World War Robot Group Shoot 56
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