Thursday, March 19, 2009

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated Mar 19th 2009

The Soulburn CG Education Page has been updated:

* Added a new lesson, Multiple UV Tiles.
* Added more info to my Pelt Mapping lesson about evening out uvs across the entire surface.
* Added a whole ton of new info to my Converting A Mudbox 2.0 Model To 3DSMax lesson, which outlines a far superior export technique.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thanks For Wondercon 2009 and Art Show

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me at Wondercon 2009, the convention was a lot of fun (although I got a nasty throat bug while I was there that's kicking my butt right now). The posters really sold well at the show, and I got a chance to meet some awesome people, including a few artists that I grew up admiring who I caught walking the show floor.

Also thanks to everyone who came to the opening of the Periscope Cellars Science Fiction show, the event had a lot of variety with respect to the artists, and it was cool seeing some of my work on the wall for a change, instead of on the computer screen. Rumor has it this event might become a yearly thing, we'll see how it goes.

Sorry there hasn't been any new artwork lately, I've been hard at work on an instructional DVD that will hopefully be released this summer, as well as other non-art related projects, but I hope to have some time to dedicate to making new art once I'm done. Take care!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 7th 2009

Max script update:

Added a new script:

thinFaceSelector: Find and selects faces that are really tall and thin. Good for finding thin faces in a complex mesh, faces that may be best to subdivide to make all your faces more square.

A bunch of bug fixes:

soulburnScriptsLister: Fixed a bug that would cause the script to crash if you hadn't selected a script for soulburnScriptsLister to run.
vertexAndEdgeConnector: Now lets you override the Pinch and Slide values as well.
blendedBoxMapMaker: Some UI wasn't turning on and off properly, now it does.
cornerEdgeToVertexMap: Fixed a bug that would cause the script to crash when working on non Editable Poly objects.
modifierUtilities: Added a new mode, "Select Objects with Material Modifier By ID"
texmapPreview: Added a way to always render the locked viewport in Max 2009.
objectDropper: You can now use multiple ground objects. Completely redid the UI.

Thanks to everyone for your support.