Monday, March 31, 2008

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 31st 2008

Just a quick update with a few bug fixes and small updated features.

Max script update:

Updated several scripts, here's the major updates:

splinePainter: Fixed issue that would turn the paint button off even though you could still paint. Added Surface Offset Value, to place the spline a specified distance away from the surface. Added a way to rename the splines.
objectPainter: Added a way to add a prefix to the name of the objects.
makeObjectsUnique: Added options for refining what you want to make unique. Works on instanced controllers now (note: A max bug prevents all controllers from getting uninstanced, but it does work on most controllers.)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 24th 2008

Yes, I know it's only been 4 days since the last collection, but I wanted to get a number of bug fixes out to you ASAP, and a few new useful features. So here's the news...

Added 1 new script:

splinePainter: This script lets you paint splines on the surface of another piece of geometry.

Updated a bunch of scripts, here's the major updates:

modifierUtilities: Fixed a Defaults Loading bug.
objectReplacer: Fixed a bug when trying to remove objects from a blank replacer list.
wireBundler: Fixed a bug when trying to remove objects from the various lists. Added weights to deform objects. Increase the weight of an object to have it chosen more frequently.
splineManager: Added controls for the Rectangular Renderable Splines.
objectPainter: Fixed a bug when trying to remove objects from the 2 lists. Added weights to paint with objects. Increase the weight of an object to have it chosen more frequently. Added scatter, so now your brushsize can determine the distance an object can be scattered. Added group support.
materialMover: Added an Unused mode, so you can, for example, only move materials to the material editor slots that don't currently contain scene materials. Or you can apply materials from your Material Library to only scene objects that do not currently have a material.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Autodesk MasterClasses at Siggraph 2008

I will be doing a 90min presentation at this year's Los Angeles Siggraph 2008 as part of the Autodesk MasterClasses on Wed, August 13th. The course is called "Shading & Texturing Sets, Props and Vehicles". In the class, I will be showing off a pipeline for efficiently adding shading and textures to anything non organic, whether it be for a set, a vehicle, props or a giant evil fighting robot.

I'll go over some basics, and then delve into a number of more advanced tricks that I use shade fast, including a number of tools I've written.

The course stresses that these techniques can be used no matter what software or renderer you choose to use, so example files will be done in Brazil, scanline and mentalray for 3dsmax, but even maya users can walk away from this course with some useful theory.

The course is for intermediate users, so there's material in here that should be useful to people just starting out, people with a decent working knowledge of max, and super users who want some advanced tips and tricks to help speed up their workflow.

Go here for information on getting tickets and for more information on the course...

And feel free to email me if you have any specific questions about the topics I'll be covering.


Friday, March 21, 2008

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 21st 2008

I've been spending most of this week working on various maxscripts, tools for 3dsmax, and a few maya tools as well (MELScripts). I've just released them on my website, so if you use either of these two pieces of software, you may want to check the scripts out. Here's the details:

Max script update!

Added 2 new scripts:

findUniqueObjects: Finds objects in your selection that are unique, ie, that don't have any instances of themselves, and then does various things to them such as selecting them, printing their names, isolating them, etc.
cornerEdgeToVertexMap: Selects edges of a mesh based on the angle between adjacent faces, and then converts them to a vertex map. For example, you can select all the corner edges of a mesh and then convert them to a vertex map for use with a bump map or a mask to blend between textures.

Updated a bunch of scripts, here's the major updates:

blendedBoxMapMaker: Added tiling control to the modifiers. Added two new box types.
modifierUtilities: Added a new mode for selecting objects with no modifiers. Added ability to place the modifier at a specific spot.
subdivisionAutomator: Added feature to allow certain objects to be skipped from Auto Render processing. This is useful if say you want to apply the subdiv to everything in your scene except for 1 or 2 objects.
vertexAndEdgeConnector: Added an override to define the number of connected edge segements.
modifySubdivIters: Works properly now with instanced Modifiers.
parameterManager: Added support for Point3 values (such as the strength parameter for the noise modifier.) Added material and map support.
wireBundler: Now when doing Vert To Vert, script guarantees it won't pick the same vert twice.
nameManager: Added Material And Map Support.
imagePlaneMaker: Fixed a bug that would stop the Ini file from loading.

Maya script update!

Added 3 new small scripts...

NodeLock: Locks All Selected Nodes.
NodeUnLock: Unlocks All Selected Nodes.
AlignTranslation: Quickly Aligns the position of one object to another.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome To My Blog

Hey there! My name is Neil Blevins, I am an artist who specializes in scifi and fantasy artwork. I currently work in the film industry. I also write software tools for several major 3d packages that I give away for free on my website, as well as post tutorials on various art related subjects. I also run a metal webzine called Soulkiller, where I post news and reviews about the metal scene. But this blog will mostly focus on my artwork, tools and tutorials (as it's name implies). I'll post again soon with some news and announcements, as well as new artwork, in the meantime, if you're curious, come visit my website at