Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Oct 1st 2015

Updated 5 older Maxscripts:

blendedBoxMapMaker: Now you can place the BlendedBoxMap Map into the Slate Material Editor.
blendedCubeProjectionMaker: Now you can place the blendedCubeProjection Map into the  Slate Material Editor.
materialFromSelectedObject: Now you can place the material into the  Slate Material Editor.
cameraMapTemplateRenderer: Adjusted some code in the render area to be more efficient.
texmapPreview: Adjusted some code in the render area to be more efficient.

Bunch Of Artwork

Here's three concept paintings from for a film Project called Peril (Based on the e-book by Timothy Holloway). The project remains in development, posted with permission.

And two personal images, another cattle painting, and an image based on the short story "Vacuum Diagrams", part of Stephen Baxter's Xeelee Sequence. Humans discover and build a settlement on a giant glowing white cube (known as a Sugar Lump) floating in space, an artifact left behind by a technologically advanced race. Gravity works strangely on the Sugar Lump, and its purpose has huge ramifications for the known Universe.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CGTools Updated Sept 23rd 2015

Updated 3 older Asset Packs:

Soulburn_MaterialAssetPack_Free_v005, Soulburn_MaterialAssetPack_HardSurface1_v005, Soulburn_MaterialAssetPack_MetalsAdvanced1_v005: Added a new rust, a new concrete, a checker test material, and removed the older Combo_DirtyRustyDecaledPaintedWornMetal_A material since its been replaced by Combo_DirtyRustyDecaledPaintedWornMetal_B.

SoulburnScripts Updated Sept 23rd 2015

Added 1 new Maxscript:

Sometimes when you render you want to do a test render that's smaller. But changing the render size means you then have to remember what the old size was and re-enter it when you're done test rendering. This script allows you to render a smaller test render size (by percentage) without modifying your final render size.

Updated 3 older Maxscripts:

texmapPreview: Added super basic Corona support.
sLib: Added sLibWhatsCurrentRenderer.
viewportToVFBLoader: Moved some common code to slib.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated Sept 7th 2015

Added a new tutorial called Perspective Cheat Sheet For Drawing And Painting. Updated the Different Types Of Weathering tutorial with some new diagrams.