Saturday, March 14, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 14th 2015

Added 3 new Maxscripts:

Applies Flatten Mapping (also sometimes refered to as Automatic UVs), which is the same as the Flatten Mapping in the UVWUnwrap modifier, but unlike that one, can be applied to a selection of objects with each object using their own map, or all the objects sharing a single map. Good for just getting some sort of mapping on all scene objects in one button press, perhaps to then send to a paint app or to bake a texture map.
vertexEdgeFaceSelectByNormal: Selects verts, edges or faces of a Editable Poly based on an angle threshhold. This is identical to the tool on the Modeling Ribbon, but now accessible as a macroscript since the one in the ribbon didn't have a macroscript available.
viewportToVFBLoader: Gets the currently active viewport and loads it into the VFB. Most useful in Vray so you don't have to do a render to set your render region. Originally written by Dave Wortley (, I added limited support for the scanline renderer and a number of extra options like better resize quality and overriding the viewport draw mode.

Updated 3 older Maxscripts:

iDSetter: Added ability to choose a specific set of ramdom IDs, like if you type "1,10,15", it will give each selected object one of those 3 ids randomly.
objectAttacher: Unified the UIs between objectAttacher and objectDetatcher. Now has ability to keep original object.
objectDetacher: Unified the UIs between objectAttacher and objectDetatcher.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 5th 2015

Max script update:

Added 2 new scripts:
xFormResetter: Like the Reset Xform utility, but with a number of improvements: 1) Works on hierarchies without messing up the transformation, 2) Automatically flips the normals of any object with negative scales,  3) Can either turn instances to copies or references (like the Utility does), 4) Can Collapse Mesh To Poly after reset
cameraLensPackager: Lets you set the lenses (Focal Length) on all scene or selected cameras based on 9 presets. The supplied presets are for a Panavision C Series Anamorphic Lens Package, but you can modify the presets to be your favorite values.

Updated some older scripts:
sLib: Added sLibConvertsInstancesToReferences.
objectUniquefier: Fixed a bug that I introduced last version that caused the script to not function.

Extra Notes:
transformReset was renamed to transformRemover to avoid confusion with xFormResetter

Thanks to everyone for your support.