Sunday, December 14, 2014

SoulburnScripts Updated Dec 14th 2014

Max script update:

Added a new script:
cameraMapTemplateRenderer: Will render out templates for all selected cameras or all cameras associated with a single cameraMapGemini modifier. Automates the process so you're not stuck rendering a lot of cameras and changing lots of render resolutions by hand. This replaces cameraMapGeminiRenderer script, generalizing it to work for any camera mapping setup.

Updated some older scripts:
snapShoter: Added ability to delete the original objects, defaulted to off.
materialInfoDisplayer: Added several new tests including "Objects That Have The Active Material Assigned", "Materials In Scene That Contain A Map Type Based On A Search String", Cleanup up a lot of code.
getMatFromSelectedObject: Added error handling for if you don't have any object selected.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Autodesk University 2014 Talk Now Online

My talk "Shading And Texturing Workflow" that I did at AU2014 in Vegas last week is now online, check it out here:

Monday, December 1, 2014

"Inc" Visual Development Book Project Update #5 Dec 2014

Artwork WIP & Finished: 197 images
Pages Complete: 77/122 (63% of book done)

Welcome to the Dec Update, probably the final update for the year, but next year we have monthly updates of pictures and behind the scenes info, so expect a lot more stuff to come a lot faster real soon. In the meantime, two last orders of business for 2014.

First, we now have an official Inc facebook page, blog and tumblr...

Please like or follow your prefered site if you want to get all the most up to date info about the project. And please invite others who you think would be interested to follow along as well. I will continue to post some info on my other personal social media pages (soulburn3d Facebook page, soulburn3d twitter, etc), but the majority of the updates will now go on these sites.

And second, below is our first Inc Teaser Poster. I think it gives a pretty good indication of the tone of the project.

Thanks everyone for all your comments and input in 2014, next year is the team finishing the book and then sending it off to the publisher. I am so excited to get Inc finished and want to get it to you guys as soon as possible. But good things come to those who wait, and I want to make sure that the final product you get is of the highest quality, so a little waiting is going to be necessary. Thanks for the support, see you first thing in 2015!