Saturday, June 28, 2014

SoulburnScripts Updated June 28th 2014

Max script update:

Added two new scripts:

vraySamplingSubdivManager: Allows you to adjust the Sampling Subdiv value for scene materials and lights all together, ensuring consistency.
customAttributeRemover: Delete all Custom Attributes from selected or all scene objects.

Updated a ton of older scripts:

blendedBoxMapMaker: Now you can mix and match map types and mapping types. Removed the unneeded 6 side mode.
blendedCubeProjectionMaker: Now you can mix and match map types and mapping types. Makes a much more accurate calculation on the "Auto Calculate Size" for the mapping UVW modifiers.
cameraMapGeminiRenderer: Added some more error catching.
sLib: Added sLibGetVrayBitmapsFromMaps.
objectDetacher: Added ability to turn off undo to fix a max memory issue.
nameManager: Added support for vray bitmaps.
geometryBanger: Now can add the geometry changes to an EditPoly modifier.
imagePlaneMaker: When creating a new layer, the layer is now frozen by default.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

Monday, June 23, 2014

"Inc" Visual Development Book Project Update #3 June 2014

Artwork WIP & Finished: 143 images
Pages Complete: 43 (36% of book done)

Welcome to the June Update. And I'd like to introduce you to the team for Inc! A big thanks to all of these fine artists and storytellers for joining me on this little adventure, I am so lucky to have so many top notch talent helping me out with the world and story of Inc.

Neil Blevins: Story, Landscape, Citadel, Robots, Odds and Ends

Bill Zahn: Story, Humans

Stephan Bugaj: Story

Jeremy Cook: Vehicles and Spaceships

Chris Stoski: The Settlement

Dominic Qwek: Creature Design

Jeremy Vickery: Coral Desert

Michael Spaw: Coral Desert

Will show you some work from the team in upcoming updates.

Also, the main robot character is now fully textured after 3 weeks of after work art sessions! I'll post some pics of him in some sort of dramatic fashion in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Here's another rough painting below of our heroes walking through the coral desert. And visit to see a video tutorial on how I set up a rough 3d scene for the painting.

More next month, thanks for following!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

False Color Texture Maps On "Inc"

Figured you may find this amusing. Here's one of the painted texture maps for the main robot in "Inc". It's a series of 3 greyscale masks baked to channels in a single bitmap used to blend between a metal, paint and rust material.

1) First the model gets a metal material.
2) Then on top is layered a paint material that contains procedural paint chipping:
3) Then the red channel of this map adds some paint back in places to cover over the procedural
4) Then the green channel removes larger chunks of paint, revealing the metal below
5) Then the blue channel blends a rust over top of the metal and paint.

Why use a single false color image instead of 3 greyscale maps? Two reasons...

1) You now only have a single bitmap to deal with instead of 3. Means far less clutter in your maps directory, especially if your model has a lot of bitmaps, and more difficult to accidentally misplace related bitmaps.
2) Some renderers internally convert all greyscale bitmaps into rgb, which wastes bitmap memory. So this technique can save memory in some instances. (1 rgb map instead of 3 in memory).

Personally, I just think the texture maps look freaky :D

Friday, June 6, 2014

20th Anniversary of my First 3D Image

So it was June 1994, and I had just bought a 486 computer. One day I remembered that I had purchased a book called "Image Lab" a few years earlier that contained a raytracer called POVRay, but I could never run it since my older computer didn't have a math co-processor. "Hey, I could try out that software now!" So I opened up my first text file, and coded the scene below using a fractal generated in fractint for the mountain, a gradient for the sky, and the moon was a bitmap that came with the software. This is the image that started my path down 3d. The exact date of this image is unknown, but I do know it was June, so since June 6th is also Steve Vai's birthday (one of my favorite guitar players), I now declare June 6th 2014 as my official 20th year 3d anniversary. Things have certainly changed a lot of 20 years :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I've been asked to contribute to Nuthin' But Mech Book 3

Nuthin' But Mech Book 3 has been announced for July 2015, and I'm honored that I was asked to contribute some artwork to the project.

Quite a list of great artists.

Make sure to get Nuthin' But Mech Book 2, which should be available soon!