Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Artwork Got "Remixed" Without Permission

Man, so I've discovered in the last month two professional concept artists who've used my artwork in their own designs. I know its common for concept designers to take photos and such and incorporate them as texture in their work, but if it's obvious you really need to credit the original artist, or best yet, don't do it at all (I almost exclusively use my own photos and would never use another artists work in my own).

One of the images I'm particularly annoyed about because I made the original image years ago, and then decided to use it as the basis for some of my design work on "Inc", but now I found out it got incorporated in the concept art for a major videogame. Now when I release the image in "Inc", people are going to go "Hey, you stole work from such and such", and I'll have to say "No, he stole it from me!". So frustrating.

Monday, April 21, 2014

ArtStation Gallery

Just signed up for an ArtStation Gallery, feel free to take a peak and follow along if you'd like!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Some new software is coming from Soulburn Studios

Ever wanted a keyshot like workflow for 3dsmax? Well, so did I. Watch in HD!:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Inc" Visual Development Book Project Update April 2014

So I've decided to release quarterly updates on how the "Inc" Visual Development Book Project is going. As well as a summary of what's been going on (and the odd tidbit of story), I'll try and release a picture or two from the book with each update.

The current plan (everything is subject to change of course) is for a 120 page book, landscape format, and we've got 50 pieces of artwork so far for a total of approx 30 pages, so we're actually 25% complete! Right now the team will be 8 including myself, with 7 already working on images.

The current format will be 2 parts. Part 1 will be the Narrative portion, which will be short clips of the script mixed with artwork depicting what's happening at each major story beat. Think of it like those old school story books you could buy for movies, where they have images from the movie followed by an abridged version of the story and dialog. Part 2 will be the World of Inc, which will delve in more detail on the characters, robots, environment, creatures, vehicles, weapons, etc, flushing out the world building aspect of the project.

I'm really excited about how things are going, my goal is to see this finished by Christmas 2015, which I think is doable even though all the work on this book is being done in our spare time. There are plenty of sub-projects going as well, like the Inc official facebook page, possibly some model kits of Inc characters and vehicles, etc, but right now our focus is the book.

Next update I'll introduce you to the team, between the bunch of we have a ton of experience in animated features, visual effects films and videogames. I'm really lucky to have so much talent say yes to the project. Each person was picked because they're really good at some aspect that the project needs (like one person is handling the humans, someone else is doing the majority of the vehicle designs, I'm focusing on the environments and robots, etc), and so far the work I've seen from my cohorts is fantastic.

The first real artwork update will be end of June, until then, check out the sneak a peak at one of our two Inc logos. Thanks for your interest!