Friday, March 29, 2013

SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 29th 2013

Max script update:

Updated 5 scripts:

groupWithPoint: Fixed an issue where the script did the wrong thing if you tried to Group a Group. And tries to be a little smarter about grouping inside a hierarchy.
objectReplacer: Added ability to copy transform and visibility controllers. Use if the object you're replacing has an animated transform and you want to keep the animation.
selectionHighlighter: Fixed a crash bug when selecting non Editable Poly objects.
surfaceSnapper: Fixed a bug where the object would invert its z scale when moving along the ground.
transformSelector: Fixed a bug where the wrong values would be searched for in rotation.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

New Speed Creature Sculpt Called "Magic Carpet"

Quick speed sculpt in mudbox, just blocking out big forms and not worrying about details. The long tentacles kinda reminded me of drapes, so went with a textiles based name.

Click here to see a smooth turntable from above (approx 10 meg).

Click here to see a smooth turntable from below (approx 10 meg).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Neil Blevins Art Gallery on Tumblr

Speaking of Tumblr, I've also added my work to a Tumblr Art Gallery. Same material, just different format for those of you who are Tumblr fans.

Light And Letters Tumblr

Some of you may remember a few paintings I did last year illustrating short stories by my buddy Don Campbell. Well, he's set up a tumblr with the images and stories in a more linear fashion, it's a far better way to enjoy the work in one place.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Bunch Of Model Turntables On Youtube

Just uploaded a whole bunch of old model turntables to youtube. Lots of robots, a few creatures, and one otter :) These are all from several years ago, and have been available on my website for awhile, but now they're available on youtube if you'd prefer to check them out that way.

Working on some new sculpts, so hopefully will have some new turntables up in a few weeks.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated Mar 17th 2013

The Soulburn CG Education Page has been updated:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

CGHUB Neil Blevins Art Gallery

So you may have noticed there's a lot of different art galleries and social media sites out there, and it seems everyone has a different preference. Would be great if everyone were on a single site, but that's not the way it is. So, I added another site to my list of galleries, CGHUB:

I'll keep the work on that gallery current, so visit if you prefer following artwork on CGHUB. If you don't like CGHUB, and still want to see a constantly updated collection of my artwork, feel free to visit / follow any of my other art galleries:

And I will continue to post new artwork and educational / tool news on my blog, twitter and facebook pages.

Thanks for following along, and hope I've managed to hit the majority of people's favorite ways to see new artwork.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated Mar 13th 2013

The Soulburn CG Education Page has been updated:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Toy Photo Page Updates for February 2013

3A World War Robot Group Shoot 60
8 Photos

Here's a sample...


3A WWRp Custom Large Martin MK1 Painted Soldiers Mod Shoot 1
58 Photos

Here's a sample...


3A WWRp Caesar Jungler Shoot 1
72 Photos

Here's a sample...


3A WWRp Caesar Sand Devil Shoot 1
66 Photos

Here's a sample...


3A Checklists
7 Photos

Includes a complete checklist of every WWR toy ever made...


And a wallpaper for Portable Caesars...


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Traditional Texture Painting: 3A Ghost Hunter Bertie MK3: Part 3


Equipment: Photoshop, Artist Tape, Saran Wrap, Tweezers, Exacto Blade, Paint Brushes of various sizes, Tamiya Masking Sticker Sheet (Plain Type 5 PCS), Microscale Industries Micro Mask Liquid Masking Medium, Microscale Industries Micro Sol Setting Solution,Tamiya TS-6 Matte Black, Tamiya Laquer Thinner, Q-Tip, Paper Towel

Step 9: Decals: For the decals, I'm going to use 3 different methods, depending on the decal. First up is the main black ghost around the eye. Since the shape of the head involves a lot of curves, I decide to not use a standard decal, but instead cut out a shape and then spray paint it.
Step 9a: Mask and Spray: First I photograph a Ghost Hunter Square from the front...

I then bring this into Photoshop and extract the ghost shape (you can also just trace it using standard photoshop brushes to paint the shape). I then print out the shape to the proper size on regular paper...

I then use this to cut a Tamiya Masking Sticker Sheet (Plain Type 5 PCS) into two pieces, one for the lower portion, one for the upper portion. Think of this as really good Artist Tape for fine details...

I then apply these two masks to the face of my Bertie...

Then I use some Microscale Industries Micro Mask Liquid Masking Medium...

with a brush to mask a few extra areas, include some large wear around the edges of the ghost symbol...

Then I sprayed it with Tamiya TS-6 Matte Black...

After pulling the masking off, I used a little Tamiya Laquer Thinner to remove some black paint that had spilled underneath the masking. And then used a little black paint to do a few touchups. Here's the result...

Step 9b: Waterslide Decals: For the black logos, I will be using the Waterslide Decal Technique. Here's a great YouTube video of someone using this technique:

I grab the logos again from photos of the square, turn them black and white, and then print them on Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper For Laser Printers (SImilar paper also exists for Inkjets, check out the Testors brand).

Here's the basic steps...
  1. Print decal
  2. Trim decal with exacto
  3. Place decal with tweezers into water, 10 sec
  4. Place on paper towel to remove excess water, make sure to keep it flat, 10 sec
  5. Apply clear coat to bot (I'm using Microscale Industries Micro Sol Setting Solution)
  6. Slide decal from paper background
  7. Place decal on bot
  8. Smooth out decal
  9. Clear coat on top

You can see a bit of an edge on these decals, but they should be covered up with grunge and dirt, so hopefully they won't be as evident.

Step 9c: White Waterslide Decals: For my last decals, I need white. The problem is, most printers don't print white! They only leave ink off the white paper to give you the color white. So I decided for these decals to get them printed professionally by someone with a special type of printer called an ALPS printer, which can print white on clear waterslide decal paper (they're not cheap, price can be anywhere from $10-30 per sheet). I found this page...

...which had a lot of links, and I ended up using this service to get them printed...

...very nice guy, highly recommended if you want to print in white.

Here's the decals...

And here they are applied...

Step 10: Seal 1: Sealed the bot with 2 coats of Tamiya Semi Gloss Clear TS-79. Would have picked Matte, but that paint has been discontinued. But the final coat after the weathering will be a matte clear coat, so the final matte coat should get rid of any gloss this first seal layer has.