Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Studies

Just about finished with 5 weeks of paternity leave, it's hard to believe our little girl is already five weeks old! Man it's been a big adjustment, so many new things to get used to, so much to learn, so many diapers to change :) They don't tell you when you have a baby that the first few months she's not going to be terribly playful, it's all just eat, sleep, poop and cry. But she's starting to show signs of interactivity, she's started looking us in the eyes, making cute noises and batting at toys we put in front of her.

During the 5 weeks away from the workplace, I decided that my one slice of normalcy was going to be taking an hour every day or two to speedpaint some landscape studies based off photos either I've taken or various photos I've found on the web. Lack of sleep means my creative side hasn't been super strong lately, so I figured brushing up on technique by painting photos that already exist would be a good way to keep my technical skills strong.

Each painting took maybe an hour to get 90% of the way there, then maybe another hour of small tweaks. Hope you like them.

I'll eventually get back to doing my usual scifi stuff, but right now with work starting again tomorrow, I won't have much in the spare time dept. But it's only a matter of time.