Monday, April 5, 2010 Is Updated Apr 5th 2010

Added a bunch of new artwork, most of which made its debut on this blog: 2 new environment paintings, one called "Over Black Clouds" which I made for a CD Cover for the band "God Fear None", and a new painting called "Misty Mountain". Also, a new rough environment painting called "Flat City", a new test called "Spore III" that shows off mudbox 2011's new Vector Displacement Map feature. Two painted studies called "Marin Sunset III" and "Marin Sunset IV", and a new acrylic painting "Intergalactic Night Flight" along with its digital color rough.

Visit to see the new work.

New CD Cover: Over Black Clouds

Painting for a CD cover for the band God Fear None. Depicts a desolate landscape, our travelers come upon a mysterious ancient building, so tall it breaks the clouds that enshroud the planet.