Monday, May 18, 2009

SoulburnScripts Updated May 18th 2009

Max script update:

I have now tested my scripts in Max2010, and everything seems compatible. So if you run into anything let me know.

Added better compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Updated several older scripts, here's the major updates:

nameManager: Fixed a mistake in the pad value.
wireBundler: Fixed a bug where hitting the "Add Sel To Deform List" button repeatedly would keep adding the same objects. Fixed a bug where duplicate named nodes would cause the script to crash.

Thanks to everyone for your support. Is Updated May 18th 2009

Added a bunch of new artwork to the art gallery. Added a new scene called "Hive Mind I". Added a new environment matte painting called "Twin Peaks II". Five creature, robot and environment sketches called "Crabbot Sketch", "Floater II Sketch", "Hard Back Whale Sketch", "Fat Beast Sketch" and "Rock Towers Sketch". Added a few new speed paintings called "Upstate Sunset", "Flying Wing" and "Cacodaemon". And finally a new hard surface model called "Multilegbot". Expect an update with some new robot models that I should have permission to show soon.

Visit to see the new work.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Soulburn 3D Education Page Updated May 18th 2009

The Soulburn CG Education Page has been updated:

* First off, I updated my Chrome Material lesson with some extra info on the difference between polished, blurred and glossy reflections.
* Alexander Yergashov again has translated a number of my lessons into Russian, here's the list: A White Plane That Fades Into A White Background, Spun Pattern, Dust Material, Replacing Scatter With PFlow, Towels, Carpet Or Grass Material Using Displacement, and Offset Filter To Make Tileable Textures.
* And one last reminder that I will be in Utrecht next week giving 2 presentations for the "End User Event 2009". Can't wait to see everyone there!